Our Doctor 


 Dr. Michelle T. Valella


"I decided to become an optometrist in 10th grade after doing a science fair project on the vision system.  Since starting practice in 1988, it has been a great privilege and pleasure to provide eye health care to my patients.  I strive to stay well educated and trained in the most current treatments available and to be creative and innovative toward my patient care. I enjoy using technology to help me take better care of my patients. I believe in always asking- 'How can I make this better?'  and I am blessed with access to talented physicians and surgeons that can help me make this happen. Every day is an adventure for me."  







Dr. Valella studied at Ferris State University, College of Optometry, (now known as Michigan College of Optometry) in Big Rapids, Michigan and earned a Doctorate Degree in Optometry in 1988. She has been in private practice since graduating. 



She interned at: 

•  Omni Eye Services of Lexington, KY  

•  Lexington Veterans Administration Hospital 

•  Duane Water's Hospital at Jackson State Prison   

Battle Creek Veterans Administration Hospital  



 She has articles published in: 

 •  Journal of the American Optometric Association  

 •  Noninvasive Assessment of the Visual System  

 • Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science - ARVO supplement  




Dr. Valella is the inventor of the first Remote Office Technician and the first Remote Student Intern. This concept allows for access to more qualified staff, creates jobs for the handicapped, creates unique learning experiences for students, and allows for more efficient use of office space.  


 She is: 

 •  a member of the Michigan Optometric Association

 •  a member of the American Optometric Association

 •  a member of the Ocular Nutrition Society

 •  a member of the National Glaucoma Society

 •  a member of the Catholic Medical Association

 •  an Affiliate of TLC Eye Care & Laser Centers

  •  a parishioner of St. Philip Catholic Church of Battle Creek

 •  chairperson of St. Philip-Saint John Paul II Council of Catholic Women's Circle 

 •  owner and CEO of eM Productions, LLC - a Catholic media production company



She is a native of the Battle Creek - Kalamazoo area and graduated from Gull Lake High School in Richland, Michigan.