Our Staff

Deanna is the Office and Surgical Coordinator for Dr. Valella's practice. She has been in the medical field since 2000 and in customer relations since 1976.  She uses her expertise to ensure the patient's visit to the office is pleasant and comfortable.  She maintains the patient flow in the office so Dr. Valella can devote her attention to the highest quality eye health care for her patients.
"I am thankful to be on Dr. Valella's team.  She is passionate and dedicated to her profession and patients, providing state-of-the-art eye health care.  I am always learning and each day is a new experience." 

Chrissy is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a BA in Communications. She has worked in the medical field since 2000. She is Dr. Valella's first Remote Technician and works in a private home office directly assisting our doctor with exam preparation and documentation, correspondence to other physicians, updating medications and allergies, and e-prescribing medications. She has access through a secure remote connection to six different work stations located at Dr. Valella's office. This allows for greater flexibility and efficiency for Dr. Valella to treat her patients in a timely and professional manner.

"I am so privileged to be a part of the doctor's concept of the Remote Technician.  I love my job and the flexibility it allows me working from home.  It has been very rewarding to work so closely with the doctor and I enjoy learning new technology."

Suzanne has worked in offices since 1987. She is the main Receptionist for the office, answering phone calls and welcoming each patient. Suzanne ensures that pertinent information is up-to-date before the patient begins any procedures.

"Dr. Valella is unique in her approach to the overall health of her patients, not just with their eyes.  I am excited to be part of that dedication.  We really enjoy the relationships we develop with our patients."


Marcy has been in the medical field since 1989.  She has always enjoyed working with patients.  She has had a variety of job experiences and responsibilities from working as a receptionist, transcriptionist, medical biller, insurance coordinator, and account collection auditor, and currently as a clinical assistant. She has a bachelor's degree from Western Michigan University in Engineering & Applied Sciences with a business minor.  

"I have been an established patient of Dr. Valella's since 1995. I am impressed with the thoroughness of her eye examinations and her commitment to excellence in the care she gives to her patients. She and her staff have always made me feel comfortable and welcome in the office. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a great team."