"In nearly every case, integrative treatment based on lifestyle modification and judicious use of natural products and nondrug therapies is less expensive than long-term medication treatment for common health conditions."

Andrew Weil, MD Mind Over Meds

At IRIS, we integrate traditional medical optometry with holistic health and wellness practices. Dr. Valella and her staff educate and treat patients by restoring overall health using intelligent methods and designs that support mind, body, and spirit to work toward the resolution of ocular and systemic disease.  


Dr. Valella's focus on proper food and nutrition as the primary way of influencing health and wellness is unique to our optometric practice. Restful sleep, moderate exercise, spiritual practices, stress reduction, and social interaction are other keys to avoiding disease and thriving in health and wellness. This approach helps patients maintain good eye health and return to it sooner when problems arise. Our goal is to ensure our patients are healthy from the inside out.